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The Ayderkhanov Case (Part II)

According to, Aleksandr Vlasov concluded the traumas on Ayderkhanov’s body were inflicted while he was still alive, and the GVP’s statements about hitting the tree are a fiction without objective confirmation.  Meanwhile, Ayderkhanov’s relatives organized a round-the-clock vigil at … Continue reading

The Ayderkhanov Case (Part I)

Here’s what looks like a case where the beating death of a conscript is being passed off as another suicide in the ranks.  We addressed this here, and the tragic Ayderkhanov case broke into the news just 11 days later.  This … Continue reading

Stories of the Year

RIA Novosti has its list of the main military events of 2012. No surprise number 1 is the Oboronservis scandal, the fall of former Defense Minister Serdyukov, and appointment of successor Sergey Shoygu. The rest: 16 accidents in munition destruction leaving 12 dead and 23 injured. … Continue reading

Curious Coincidence

IA Regnum reported today that a Russian conscript serving in Tajikistan apparently shot himself to death on January 29 while pulling guard duty.  A sad though fairly routine occurrence.  The reasons are unclear.  The unfortunate young man, Danila Chaykin, seemed to be doing well in the … Continue reading