More on Armaments from Burenok

Interfaks reported more on Burenok’s presentation at the ‘Army and Society’ exhibition.

Burenok said he expects arms and equipment now in service to be decommissioned en masse in 2013-2015.

“Now, the percentage of equipment which requires repairs, because it was used incorrectly or has parts missing, is considerable, and is a significant factor affecting the combat readiness status of the arms and equipment inventory.”

Burenok believes the current condition of armaments can support armed forces’ missions at no more than the minimum necessary level.

“This primarily has to do with the fact that equipment manufactured back in the Soviet period is becoming increasingly worn-out and obsolete, as well as the fact that there is not enough money and resources to restore the armaments and equipment inventory to a good state of repair, while the existing resources are not being used very effectively.”

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