Hint of Navy Main Staff Move?

Forum.msk.ru yesterday provided a hint that the Navy Main Staff might soon leave Moscow for St. Petersburg.

It reported that a ‘tasty morsel’ of Defense Ministry property in Tushino is being prepared for sale–the base of the Central Fleet Depot, Naval Infantry v/ch 40135, as well as large Military Polyclinic No. 10 (which is apparently being closed as no longer needed).  The old buildings are coming down and the grounds will become a shopping center.

According to the report, the Central Fleet Depot includes:

  • V/ch 40135–a convoy battalion and service company;
  • The Navy Main Staff security battalion–a full-fledged combat capable sub-unit;
  • A construction company; 
  • The Navy Orchestra; 
  • A training unit for the units of central subordination;
  • Polyclinic No. 6; 
  • An automotive battalion.

All of these are effectively service and support elements for the Navy Main Staff.

The depot is a transit point for Navy conscripts as well as transferring officers.  It has a small hotel for the Main Staff.  Until this winter, there was also a branch of the Central Navy Archives here, but it was closed and sent to Gatchina, near Piter.  Now it seems the Central Navy Depot has been closed too.  The sailors and anchors at its gates have been replaced by civilian security guards.

Look for the rest of these Navy Main Staff support elements to turn up near Piter.

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