OSK Commanders Will Directly Control Navy and Air Forces

Army General Makarov

Russian General Staff Chief, Army General Nikolay Makarov briefed the Federation Council’s Defense and Security Committee today, and, according to Interfaks, he has made the decision to replace Russia’s six military districts with four that will function as operational-strategic commands (OSK).  He said:

“We will propose on the base of six military districts to establish four military districts, to the commander of which all forces and means deployed on their territory, including Navy, Air Forces and Air Defense, will be subordinate.  And subordinate not operationally, but directly.”

“Ground-, sea- and air-based nuclear deterrence forces will remain under the General Staff.”

“Our proposal on establishing four operational-strategic commands is now with the country’s president and I think that this issue will be favorably resolved soon.”

Infox.ru cited Makarov on the creation of three additional combined arms armies for several strategic axes: 

“We conducted a careful analysis of current threats and challenges and came to the conclusion that it’s necessary to create additional combined arms armies on several strategic axes.  There will be three in all.”

Makarov added that one army would be based in Chita, and six additional motorized rifle brigades will be formed to flesh out the newly created armies.

And Makarov wasn’t done . . .

According again to Interfaks, Makarov told these members of Russia’s upper house of parliament that ten combined air (8) and naval air (2) bases will be established in Russia.  Until recently, the military had been talking about new “first- and second-rank air bases” that were basically Air Forces’ equivalents of Ground Troops’ brigades.  This approach may have been abandoned in favor of a smaller number of larger air bases.  The choice of the word ‘combined’ [объединённые] makes these things sound like they’re now equivalent to armies.

Makarov explained that Russia has 245 airfields:

“The approximate cost of using one airfield is 1 billion rubles per year.  This amount is prohibitive, therefore we took a decision on enlarging air bases.”

After this change, Russia will only have 27 airfields, according to the General Staff Chief, and the combined air and naval air bases will be spread out over Russia in cities like Voronezh, Chelyabinsk, Domna (near Chita), and Komsomolsk-na-Amure.

Makarov said the goal was not only excellent conditions for fulfilling flight missions, but also for the everyday lives of servicemen and their families:

“We’re doing everything so that our pilots and their families can live in human conditions.”

Makarov told the assembled lawmakers that Russia will complete contract to buy Mistral from the French:

“Concerning Mistral, the contractual obligations are practically ready.  I think we’ll buy this ship.”

“We need such a ship.  In the Far East, it’s simply essential.”

He went to say, it’s needed around the Kurils which “generally have nothing to defend them.”  And he elaborated:

“Earlier there was an army there.  There’s no one there to cover them, we need mobile means so at the necessary time we can deliver a landing force quickly.”

He repeated his past comments to the effect that Mistral is 4-5 times bigger than Russia’s largest amphibious ship, the Ivan Rogov class.

Tomorrow it’s Serdyukov’s turn to speak to the Federation Council, so prepare for some more news.

4 responses to “OSK Commanders Will Directly Control Navy and Air Forces

  1. Keith E Thompson

    Not sure where to start. Please explain to me how an Army can by intention bomb a UN Relief convoy, target hospitals and schools in Syria and not question that? Let alone live with what you’ve done. To me the best part was awarding Col Gen Dvornikov The Hero of the Soviet Union Medal. In the Great Patriotic War it was deserved by many of your countrymen. Now you should only know shame. Why would you guys trade the yoke of Stalin for Putin? Doesn’t make sense to me. I await your reply. KT

    • You may observe from the perfectly written American English herein that this author is not a citizen of the Russian Federation, so your indignation is a little misdirected, if understandable. The material on these pages avoids too many value judgements which rub people one way or the other. The focus here is on providing real, bona fide, up-to-date, and balanced information on what goes on inside the Russian military.

      You should read up on the GPW. While there was great heroism and brilliance in the USSR’s defeat of Hitler’s Germany, there were plenty of reasons for shame even in that victory. Putin does not equal Stalin; the situation today is vastly different. But Russian political culture has changed less than the external circumstances; that’s why Russians accept a ruler like Putin. Sadly, the 1990s were a bungled opportunity to move Moscow closer to Europe and away from its despotic Asian roots.

  2. Keith E Thompson

    Dear Sir
    I am an American citizen.
    You have given me much to contemplate. I have for many decades studied the GPW. My respect and admiration for the Russian fighting man in WWII is profound. We were allies then. Should we not find common ground now?
    I would very much like to continue our dialogue. Please

    With Respect
    Keith E. Thompson

  3. Keith E Thompson

    I would like to know the name of the person who originally replied to me prior to subscribing to your blog. Thanks Keith Thompson

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