Daily Archives: December 7, 2010

A Really Cheap Post

Tomorrow will be this blog’s 365th day of existence.  One hopes it’s been a good source of understanding, or at least information.

309 posts in 365 days is a pretty good average, but one wishes there had been no “no post” days at all.  There’s been a conscious effort to avoid lots of cheap posts.  This author thinks there’s something significant to write about every day, and there’s a backlog of great topics too.  Some with great information that haven’t been written — more on YeSU TZ system testing, developments in the UAV production debate, and GLONASS.  You’re owed an update on German and Italian armor for Russian combat vehicles.

A post on the Air Forces and the GPV is almost ready.  This blog started last year with a post on the trouble brigade at Kamenka, and you deserve an update.  The recent reported suicides of two lieutenants in the Pacific Fleet is another interesting one.  How about the launching of an anti-Serdyukov movement among former officers from the Main Directorate of Combat Training.  One hasn’t managed to return to the military housing story, or to the anti-reform monograph by Grinyayev and Fomin.  How about this one — the ECHR has ruled Moscow must pay millions of Euros in compensation for civilian casualties in several 1999 and 2000 operations, some headed by Vladimir Shamanov.  There’s a great story from the FSKN and the General Prosecutor about illegal drug use among young Russians, including in the military.

You get the picture.

Input or feedback of any kind would be welcome and helpful.  The statistics say you’re out there, quietly reading.