Realities of Rearmament

Pantsir-S (photo:

RIA Novosti yesterday quoted a VVKO spokesman who indicated a second battery of Pantsir-S anti-aircraft gun-missile systems will go into service this fall around Moscow.  For the record, he stated:

“At present, alongside an A-150 missile defense [PRO] division, two    S-400 anti-aircraft missile regiments in two-battalion configurations, deployed in Elektrostal and Dmitrov, provide Moscow with anti-air and anti-missile defense.  One of them already has a ‘Pantsir-S’ battery in its composition, in September-October, the second regiment will also receive the same battery complement.”

The spokesman added that, in August, the new Pantsir-S battery, along with its  S-400 regiment at Dmitrov, will be in Ashuluk to perform ‘test’ live firings against low-altitude targets.

Novosti has some video of the Pantsir as does a background piece by

Let’s add things up as best we can.

First Deputy Defense Minister Sukhorukov has said the army will get 28 Pantsir-S systems in 2012.  The VVS CINC said there would be two more S-400 regiments (for a total of four) before the end of 2011.  But, there are, as the VVKO spokesman says, still only two.  The CINC also said the next six Pantsir-S systems would be for the Moscow area.  The first four went to Novorossiysk.

Recall there was some question whether ten delivered in 2010 were for Russian forces or some foreign customer.  Have we somehow lost track of six of those ten?

Now all these numbers are pretty low when there’s talk that 200, 600, or possibly (incredibly?!) as many as 1,000 Pantsir-S might really be required.

The case of the Pantsir-S is a good example of how, for all the worry about a massive Russian rearmament program, this rearming has been pretty slow thus far.

5 responses to “Realities of Rearmament

  1. “The VVS CINC said there would be two more S-400 regiments (for a total of four) before the end of 2011. But, there are, as the VVKO spokesman says, still only two.”

    Not quite. There is a 1 battalion in Kaliningrad that went online in March or April and 1 new battalion in the Far East went online on June 8th. In total there are thus 3 regiments worth of S-400’s in service and 2 more battalions or 1 more regiment are planned to be deployed before the end of 2012. The 28 Pantsirs will be enough to kit out all 4 regiments minimally.

  2. Thanks for keeping us honest here. You’re right, a Kaliningrad “battalion set” should be counted as number three, basically right at the end of 2011 (your author simply forgot about it). Last stuff seen here on Nakhodka said sometime in 2012; it would or will be number four. And there is supposed to be another this year near Moscow, and one more in the Western MD. That would be six “regiments” by the end of 2012 if they all happen. Are your March-April and June 8th dates from press reports on when they started combat duty? 28 would be enough to call several Pantsir batteries fielded. In looking back a little more, there’s also press saying the GPV may include only 100 Pantsir systems. Thanks again for engaging.

  3. It seems to me very interesting and unbelievable the potencial and capacity of productions has been reduced so dramatically. I mean from Soviet Union to Russian Federation. My father in law is an engineer worked in a military provider factory and I sometimes discuss with him too. How was it possible then S.U. could reach much more production capacities though they exist much modern and developed technologies and production processes now? In your opinion is the effect of capitalism-communism difference, or brain drain to the west or just corruption in R.F.? It s amazing there is unemployment problem but also waiting orders from defence ministry at the same time.

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