A Couple Jokes

Courtesy of Anekdot.ru, here’s a sample of recent Russian military humor . . .

The best color for army camouflage is purple.  Has anyone ever seen a purple army?

The Mongolian Army’s been called the world champion in maskirovka.  To this day, no one’s ever seen it.

A general heard an old saying:  “Whoever has served in the army doesn’t laugh at the circus.”  Voyenkomat workers went around to circuses looking for those who weren’t laughing.  The country’s armed forces were populated with thousands of soldiers.

When the young man learned that the girl was still waiting for his return from the army [on conscript service], he signed up on contract.

Only a country which first builds roads to move its army can go to war with Russia.

– If they ban profanity in the army, the country’s combat readiness would be threatened.  – Why?  – You try to explain to a soldier with just particles, conjunctions, and prepositions how he has to defend the Homeland.

It’s possible to do everything three ways:  correctly, not so correctly, and like they do it in the army.

There’s reinforcement in the RF Army:  into the inventory have come pilotless aircraft, turretless tanks, and brainless generals.

Russia is a unique country, it has a gun which has never fired (Tsar Cannon), a bell which has never rung (Tsar Bell), and an army general who has never served in the army (Shoygu).

They go on forever . . . alas, we cannot.  Enjoy.

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