More S-400s

On 2 September, TASS reported Almaz-Antey delivered its ninth “regimental set” of S-400 / Triumf SAMs “ahead of schedule.”  The agency cited General Director Jan Novikov who claimed his company will send two more “sets” to the military before next year.  They will be numbers ten and eleven.

But those late year deliveries have a way of sliding to the right.

S-400s on Display (photo: ITAR-TASS / Sergey Bobylev)

S-400s on Display (photo: ITAR-TASS / Sergey Bobylev)

Novikov said the most recent “set” wasn’t due until November under the delivery plan.  He indicated the S-400s and associated equipment were sent to the “test range” — Kapustin Yar — where all “delivery-handover tests” were conducted successfully.

Writing for RG, Yuriy Gavrilov reports that, to meet the demand for the S-400 and S-500, Almaz-Antey has a robotic microelectronics production line for SAMs in Omsk.  This week the firm is also supposed to open a robotic lathe and milling line at the same facility.  Novikov reportedly said it will increase productivity in priority areas by a factor of 12.

Gavrilov writes that the new “set” is bound for Moscow.  It will make a fifth red pin in a blob of four currently around the capital.  Twelve “sets” are supposed to defend the skies of the “central administrative and industrial region” by 2020.

Russia's S-400 Deployments

Russia’s S-400 Deployments

That count of nine S-400 “regimental sets” is intriguing.  

By last year’s information, this should be ten, with the delivery to Kamchatka being the ninth.  But apparently not.  So which of the nine red pins is wrong (if any)?  It might be Novocherkassk, but some recent sources place this “regimental set” at Novorossiysk. Which begs its own question:  will the Defense Ministry shift them to Sevastopol eventually?

Also, there’s no indication yet of where “sets” ten and eleven (or eleven and twelve?) could go.

How do the overall numbers look?  If the fifth “set” for Moscow is actually the ninth overall, we’d expect a total of 19 regimental sets (based on General-Major Demin’s September 2014 statement that 12 more would be deployed).  If it’s actually the tenth, then a total of 20.

Both possibilities get close to the 56 S-400 battalions projected under the GPV. If all “sets” after Kamchatka have three battalions, they might get between 50 and 52 battalions.

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  1. P.S. If Moscow is to get a total of 12 “regimental sets” as Demin suggested, the capital could receive 7 of the remaining 10 S-400 deployments.

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  3. Two of the regimental sets were composed of three battalions sets as opposed to the usual two battalions to a regiment. So there are really 10 regiments worth in service but one is a shadow regiment. There are also 6 S-300V4 regimental sets in service now.

  4. My mistake 6 S-300V4 battalion sets — not regiment.

  5. So you say there are launch battalions enough for 10 “regimental sets” presently, but they are held in a structure of 9 regiments. The tenth “regiment” being a shadow since it doesn’t exist as a single unit structure. The Kamchatka “set” is supposed to be three battalions, but which other one is also three? Can you refer to reporting that supports this? Thanks.

  6. currently there are 9 Regiments with 17 Battalions at 17 missile sites:

    Moscow: 4 RGTs
    606 AD RGt Moscow (5P85T2 TELs):
    2 Battalion at two sites: 55.796308° 38.357293° and 55.543436° 38.373120°
    91N6 Big Bird is here 55.680108° 38.318570°
    (plus one batt with S-300PM at one site 55.673967° 38.362402°)

    210 AD RGT Moscow (5P85T2 TELs):
    2 Battalions at two sites: 56.167371° 37.822745°and 56.063696° 37.500765°
    91N6 Big Bird is here 56.188465° 37.605865°
    (plus one batt with S-300PM at one site 56.205801° 37.603510°)

    93 AD RGT Moscow (5P85S2 TELs):
    2 Battalions at two sites: 55.687537° 36.835377° and 55.941736° 36.913069°
    91N6 Big Bird is here 55.813021° 6.903832°
    (plus one batt with S-300PM at one site 55.814515° 36.872228°)

    549 AD RGT Moscow (5P85S2 TELs)
    2 Battalions at two sites: 55.363357° 37.442335° and 55.359212° 37.607020°
    91N6 is here 55.361387° 37.375823°

    Kaliningrad: 1 RGT
    183 AD RGT Gwardeisk (5P85T2 TELs):
    1 Battalion (with 12 TELs) at one site: 54.682654° 21.012234°
    91N6 Big Bird is here 54.681372° 21.020909°
    (plus 4 batt. with S-300PS at four sites 54.600538° 19.847339° / 54.746216° 20.073494° / 54.873006° 19.953312° / 54.480249° 19.916012°)

    Murmansk: 1 RGT
    531 RGT Murmansk-Gadshijevo (5P85S2 TELs):
    1 battalion (with 12 launchers) at one site: 69.232178° 33.256977°
    (plus 2 batt. with 12 launchers S-300PM at one site: 69.054950° 33.348033°)
    Big Bird is here 69.235370° 33.255221°

    Nachodka: 1 RGT
    589 AD RGT Nachodka (5P85S2 TELs):
    2 Battalions at two sites: 42.951133° 133.106931° and 42.735811° 132.860026°
    91N6 Big Bird is here 42.924809° 133.102126°

    Kamchatka: 1 RGT
    1532 AD RGT Rybachi-Petropavlovsk (5P85S2 TELs):
    3 battalions at three sites: 53.060366° 158.773051° / 53.121334° 158.394619° / 52.925954° 158.498924°
    Big Bird is here 53.115504° 158.671700°
    note: google earth still shows S-300PS – look on Terraserver.

    Novorossisk: 1 RGT
    1537 AD RGT Novorossisk (5P85S2 TELs):
    2 Battalions at two sites: 44.664209° 37.782459° and 44.922545° 37.419733°
    91N6 Big Bird is here 44.630720° 37.923671°

  7. to Russian Defense Policy
    The shadow Regiment around Moscow comes to sense when you consider that 3 (of the 4 RGT) have each two S-400 and one S-300PM (this is for 606, 210 and 93 RGT). Only 549 RGT had just two batt being completely replaced by S-400 now.
    They start replacing the three corresponding S-300PM batt of 606/210/93 now. That is a “complete regimetal set” not in a separate RGT but in one of each of these RGT. So we stand at 9 RGT but have included one set more than before

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