Killed in Syria


The funeral of Aleksandr Prokhorenko

Sadly for their loved ones, four Russian military advisers died on February 16 when a radio-controlled IED destroyed their vehicle.

This week TASS published a backgrounder on Russians killed in action since Moscow joined the Syrian conflict in September 2015.

Twenty-seven Russians have died in Syria, and Russian forces have lost two Mi-8 and one Mi-28N helicopters, and one Su-24 fighter-bomber.

Click here for the essential details of the news agency’s report.  Some names and info not given by TASS are provided.

The first death was a non-combat casualty.  TASS didn’t mention the 64 members of the MOD’s Aleksandrov Ensemble who perished in a plane crash en route to Syria on December 25.  They didn’t die in Syria, but might not have died if Russian troops weren’t in Syria.

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  2. Good wiki piece on Russian casualties — It has data on private military contractors killed as well as info on missing soldiers who could be presumed dead at some point. Also, the Black Sea crash death total was 92; 64 was just the personnel in the ensemble.

  3. Contractee Private Artem Gorbunov was killed by hostile fire on March 2 in Palmyra. He was serving in the security company for Russian military advisors.

  4. Some info on Captain Marat Akhmetshin, killed in Palmyra on June 3, 2016.

  5. Ivan Slyshkin, a contractor from the Vagner private military firm, was killed in Palmyra on February 12.

  6. Zavidnyy a contractee possibly died in mortar attack that killed one other and seriously wounded a third Russian soldier.

  7. Military adviser Major Sergey Bodrov confirmed killed in attack on Syrian garrison.

  8. Russian military advisor in Syria Captain Nikolay Afanasov killed by mortar fire. .

  9. Two Russian soldiers killed by mortar fire near Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria.

  10. Gen-Lt Valeriy Asapov killed by IS mortar strike on Sep 23. He was senior military advisor, and commanded 5th CAA.

  11. RBK Ukraine: CO 61st NI Bde Col Valeriy Fedyanin has died of wounds received in mortar attack that killed Asapov.

  12. Kazan’s Lt Col Rafael Khamidullin killed along with several other Russian soldiers or contractors on Sep 21.

  13. Goble points to increasing questions about use of mercs and their deaths in Syria.

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