This Week’s MOD Graphic

The MOD’s graphic shows four BMD-4M and six multipurpose vehicles reached the troops this week.


On the contract service front, 1,013 new soldiers were accepted and 861 applied.

More than 150 aircraft, 2,000 vehicles, 800 trains, and 10 ships delivered men and materiel to units.  The large number of trains reflects the delivery of new conscripts to their posts.

The construction and infrastructure portion is a tad busy, but two things are worth noting.  Some 102 permanent apartments were commissioned in the Moscow suburb of Nakhabino.  “Tent-mobile shelters” (ТМУ or TMUs) were erected somewhere in Moscow and Nizhegorod Oblasts.

TMUs are associated with the recent or pending deployment of high-value vehicle-mounted weapons (e.g. Iskander-M and S-400).

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