Serdyukov Looks at IVECO Light Armored Vehicles

Defense Minister Serdyukov indicated today that, although Russia is interested in foreign light armored vehicles, it won’t buy any, and wants to produce its own.

During last week’s visit to Italy, IVECO put on a demonstration for Serdyukov at Moscow’s request.

According to RIA Novosti, Serdyukov said:

“The Defense Ministry is actively studying modern tendencies in arms employment.  Particularly in transporting personnel, medical personnel, and also reconnaissance in light armored vehicles.  The experience of Afghanistan and Iraq and our experience (in the regions), where explosions often occur, shows it’s essential to transport Defense Ministry sub-units in armored vehicles.”

Maybe Serdyukov should have said we already transport troops in armored vehicles, but we need to transport them in good, modern ones.

Serdyukov also noted that Germany is actively studying armor protection for troops, and Russia’s Defense Ministry is interested in similar production of its own.  He called Germany the leader in armor, and noted that German armor is mounted on Italian vehicles.  Serdyukov continued:

“We’re not talking about purchases of these vehicles in Italy or another country.  The main thing is to organize production of such equipment in Russia.”

2 responses to “Serdyukov Looks at IVECO Light Armored Vehicles

  1. anonymous coward

    The Iveco LMV is a decent enough vehicle but the Tiger comes with Russian “level 5” armor by default capable of stopping 5.45, 5.56 and 7.62*39 ammo. The basic LMV comes with no armor and to bring it up to the level of the Tigr you are looking at an extra $200k upgrade which for the same money will get you a Tigr with level 6 armor (capable of stopping 7.62*54 ammo). Both vehicles will never be much more than STANAG 2 compliant when it comes to mine resistance. Anything bigger than 2-2.5kg’s of explosives will kill everyone in these vehicles. No upgrade will change that much. So, why exactly even consider the LMV? The Tigr now comes with a 485hp Austrian engine so they no longer have to buy the early underpowered models.

    Realistically, the Tigr and the LMV arent even in the same weight class, but why would Russia need a vehicle lighter than the Tigr? It makes no sense for them to even be looking at LMV’s. Clearly, they need an MRAP capability, but the LMV is no MRAP and Gaz has the SM-3 coming along rather nicely already. All reports from the factory trials indicate there havent been any major hiccups in its development so far.

  2. The new VOLKOV armored Vehicle has a level 6 armor protection
    and Mine Protection against up to 6 kg of explosives

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