Bulava Test in Second Half of September

Defense Minister Anatoliy Serdyukov talked to the press today about the next Bulava SLBM test:

“The next test launch of the Bulava could happen, most likely, in September, but not in the first half of the month.  Definitely.”

“We’ve tried to control the entire process of assembling these missiles as precisely as possible to produce the same parameters. There will be three missiles at a minimum, we need to understand that if failures are repeated in the launches, we’ll learn the cause of unsuccessful launches.”

After reiterating how previous failures had different causes, Serdyukov continued:

“Now at every level and phase of assembly of the missile there was strict control and analysis.  Moreover the commission established to explore the results of the last unsuccessful launch also worked here.  It gave recommendations, we incorporated all of them in preparing for new tests.”

“I believe that launches will be conducted most likely in September according to their readiness.”

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