Shamanov Looking at 3-Months Recovery Time

RIA Novosti reports VDV Commander Vladimir Shamanov will require fairly lengthy recuperation time following his injury in an auto accident last month, according to a Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital source.

The source said:

“After the operation performed on Shamanov, doctors evaluated his condition as satisfactory, the operation went successfully and his rehabilitation is also going normally — no complications have appeared at this time.”

Despite this, Shamanov’s recuperation will take a long time:

“According to preliminary assessments of the attending doctors, for the general’s complete recovery and return to duty a minimum of three months could be required.”

The source added that the 106th Division’s Colonel Naumets is currently still serious but stable, and he may be looking at a 6-month recovery time.  Shamanov’s aide Colonel Chernous, also in the accident, wasn’t mentioned in this report, but his condition was less serious than Naumets’.

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