Trainer-in-Chief made it official today.  General-Lieutenant Nikolay Bogdanovskiy, late of the Leningrad MD, is now the military’s trainer-in-chief.  According to the Defense Ministry website:

“On 1 December 2010, the Combat Training Directorate of the Ground Troops was transformed into the Main Combat Training Directorate (GUBP or ГУБП) of the Ground Troops, and given the function of coordinating the training of the RF Armed Forces services and troop branches.”

And Bogdanovskiy is now a Deputy Ground Troops CINC heading the new GUBP, according to the latest personnel decree.

General-Lieutenant Bogdanovskiy

We’re left wondering how far his new writ extends . . . just combined arms training, or to the VDV, RVSN, and Space Troops?  Recall also there was speculation that new Deputy General Staff Chief, General-Colonel Gerasimov, late of the Moscow MD, might be the main training supervisor.

A little background on Bogdanovskiy as long as it’s here. 

He was born in 1957.  He’s a graduate of the Moscow Higher Combined Arms Command School, the Frunze Military Academy, and the General Staff Academy.

He’s served as commander of a reconnaissance platoon, a company, chief of staff, then commander of a motorized rifle battalion in the Southern Group of Forces [i.e. Hungary], chief of staff of a fortified region, commander of a motorized rifle regiment, chief of staff of a motorized division, chief of a district junior specialist training center, chief of staff and commander of the 35th Army, Deputy Commander of the Far East MD, Chief of the Main Staff and First Deputy CINC of the Ground Troops, and Commander, Leningrad MD.

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