More Cadre Changes

President Medvedev issued another decree yesterday (can’t manage to get caught up).  This one had two major changes — General-Major Popov promoted to head all air defense for VVS, and Vice-Admiral Korolev goes to head the Northern Fleet.


  • Colonel Andrey Yevgenyevich Kondrashov, Deputy Commander, 2nd Air Forces and Air Defense Command, relieved as Commander, 12th Aerospace Defense (VKO) Brigade.
  • General-Major Dmitriy Viktorovich Gomenkov, Commander, 12th Aerospace Defense (VKO) Brigade.
  • General-Major Sergey Vladimirovich Popov, Chief, Air Defense, Deputy CINC for Air Defense, Air Forces, relieved as Chief, Surface-to-Air Missile Troops, Air Forces.
  • General-Major Viktor Vasilyevich Gumennyy, Chief, Surface-to-Air Missile Troops, Air Forces, relieved as Chief, Radiotechnical (Radar) Troops, Air Forces.
  • Vice-Admiral Vladimir Ivanovich Korolev, Commander, Northern Fleet, relieved as Commander, Black Sea Fleet.
  • General-Major Igor Yuryevich Makushev, Commander, 1st Air Forces and Air Defense Command, relieved of duty as Chief of Staff, First Deputy Commander, 4th Air Forces and Air Defense Command.
  • Colonel Mikhail Aleksandrovich Smolkin, Chief, Radiotechnical (Radar) Troops, Air Forces.
  • Rear-Admiral Aleksandr Nikolayevich Fedotenkov, Commander, Black Sea Fleet, relieved as Commander, Leningrad Naval Base, Baltic Fleet.


  • Colonel Sergey Vasilyevich Grinchenko, Deputy Chief, Federal Directorate for the Safe Storage and Destruction of Chemical Weapons, RF Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • Captain 1st Rank Yevgeniy Ivanovich Irza, Commander, 2nd ASW Ships Division, Northern Fleet.

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