So It’s Korobov

On Tuesday, the Defense Ministry announced that General-Lieutenant Igor Valentinovich Korobov (KOR-uh-buv) is the new chief of Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU.

General-Lieutenant Igor Korobov

General-Lieutenant Igor Korobov carried a sparse press release.

News agencies didn’t have much beyond that.  But TASS provided an official photo of Defense Minister Shoygu and Korobov with the GRU standard.

Shoygu and Korobov

Shoygu and Korobov

It’s clear General-Lieutenant Korobov is no spring chicken.  He’s experienced.  And he’s a career (кадровый) intelligence officer.

We don’t know how long he will head the GRU or when the next transition will occur.  Few can say what (if any) difference it makes who’s in charge.  Fears an outsider from a rival “power” ministry or intelligence service would take over the GRU were apparently exaggerated.

TASS, and a couple other press services, carried one additional note.  They reported Korobov was previously first deputy chief, or second-in-command, of the GRU and chief of strategic intelligence.

The chief of strategic intelligence is in charge of collection, fusion, and reporting of intelligence on military threats to the security and survival of the Russian Federation.  But it’s like one word is so implicit, or regarded as so secret, that it’s left out — agent.  Chief of strategic agent intelligence.

So Korobov managed all GRU human intelligence (HUMINT) collection resources, except its most critical and productive “illegals” and their agents which the Chief of the GRU personally controls, according to Viktor Suvorov (Vladimir Rezun).

While it has capable technical intelligence-gathering means, the GRU relies on HUMINT.  It is focused on information collected from agent operations abroad.  That’s its tradition and its forte.

At its best, Soviet / Russian HUMINT means GRU “illegal” Richard Sorge practically handing Stalin the date of Hitler’s invasion of the USSR months before Operation Barbarossa began.  At its worst, Stalin, for whatever reason, ignoring Sorge’s information.

At its best, it means the USSR defeating the U.S. in just one facet of the Cold War — espionage.  At its worst, GRU officers in the 1990s inventing agents and reports to satisfy their bosses.

We may not learn much about General-Lieutenant Korobov, and it really doesn’t matter.  There’s a new first deputy chief of the GRU and chief of strategic agent intelligence reporting to Korobov now.  Just another turn of the personnel wheel.

What matters more is what it says about Russian intelligence culture.  The Kremlin and the Defense Ministry have never abandoned Soviet (perhaps historically Russian) paranoid mirror-imaging about their enemies.  They believe their enemies have secret diabolical plans to destroy them because they have such plans for their enemies.  Of course, these plans are so secret that no satellite could ever photograph, detect, or eavesdrop on them.  They can only be discovered by human agents, hence the HUMINT emphasis.

Failure to ferret out these hostile plans doesn’t mean they don’t exist; it only means the officers in charge have failed.

And whatever information agents deliver to their handlers, and handlers send back to headquarters, and headquarters prepares and presents to the leadership better fit the latter’s predilections.  Headquarters probably wouldn’t even put forward a story that didn’t track with the leadership’s mindset.

8 responses to “So It’s Korobov

  1. And just a passing resemblance to Dr. Evil.

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  3. Tochno tak, moy drug! Betsy, miss you. Glad you got out with your skin. Mine’s pretty well intact too.

  4. A necessary post-script. Safronov’s Kommersant article from 13 January proved a great piece of journalism! Also, it would be remiss not to note that Sergey Ptichkin’s 3 February RG article – — made the lightbulb come on for this particular item. Russian military journalism is badly endangered, but not altogether dead.

  5. Is Korobov from the Aerospace Forces? His uniform color is blue, in addtion to the pilot badge on his chest.

    • Observant! Yes, long ago (he was probably no more than an O-3) he must have been plucked from the old Air Forces (VVS) for GRU service, but not before he earned a class badge. Could be a pilot’s, or pilot-navigator, bombardier, etc. Below that badge is another diamond-shaped one indicating graduation from a military academy, Military-Diplomatic Academy? General Staff Academy?

      With the exception of the Navy (black), the services (and power ministries apparently) have gone to a parade uniform in that blue-gray shade. Only the piping of the shoulderboards and lapels, and the shoulder patches indicate what service they belong to. The blue piping is in fact Aerospace Forces (VKS).

  6. what about the SSO are they subordinated to the GRU ??? why wikipedia is telling they are an independant GS departement

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