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This week, the Russian MOD reported 1,793 individuals accepted on contract service and 1,379 going through the selection process.

For military transportation, 185 aircraft, 3,000 vehicles, 900 trains, and 10 ships delivered 95,000 tons of cargo, 390 pieces of equipment, and 60,000 personnel. The large number of personnel transported reflects the end of the conscription campaign and the final deliveries of new soldiers to their duty stations.

The VDV received eight BMDs (presumably BMD-4Ms) and the MOD also got 19 unspecified BMPs.

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The week prior, the MOD reported receiving two Nebo-UM radars, 17 Orlan-10 UAVs, 18 2S12A Sani-A mortars, and proyekt 20380 frigate Sovershennyy from the Amur Shipbuilding Plant.

It announced that 190 aircraft, 3,000 vehicles, 1,000 trains, and 10 ships delivered 68,000 tons of cargo, 460 pieces of equipment, and 27,000 personnel.

For contract service, 1,061 individuals were accepted and 3,047 were undergoing the selection process.

The MOD also reported nineĀ buildings or facilities at the PLK in Naro-Fominsk were accepted for use.

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