Another Weekly Graphic

Last week’s graphic . . . .

For the second week, the MOD reports no new procurement. Training slowed and shifted to airborne and flight training, at least according to what’s shown in the graphic.

This week

The VKS conducted 360 combat flights to destroy 1,000 “international terrorist” targets in Syria. Meanwhile, 140 UAVs flew against 190 targets.

The MOD put Kosmos-2520, a comms relay satellite, into orbit.

It reported 1,740 driver training events (43 percent at night) on 107 ranges. Airborne units conducted 10,300 parachute jumps. The air forces flew 300 missions from 64 airfields.

More than 130 aircraft, 2,500 vehicles, more than 1,000 trains, and “about 10” ships delivered an unspecified amount of cargo.

Some 770 individuals became contractees and 3,379 were undergoing the selection process.

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