Peacekeepers Deployed

On November 20, Interfaks-AVN reported 250 VTA flights have deployed 1,960 troops of the Samara-based 15th Independent Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade (Peacekeeping) to Nagorno-Karabakh. Citing Defense Minister Shoygu, the news agency said 552 equipment items were also delivered.

Russian peacekeepers checking for roadside mines

Shoygu indicated Russian peacekeepers occupy 23 observation posts to oversee the ceasefire. Russian troops are divided into two zones — north and south.

Interesting what it takes to airlift a brigade, even a light one.

2 responses to “Peacekeepers Deployed

  1. Initially it was reported that the brigade had arrived with 226 transport flights. The Difference of 24 flights could be due to the fact that the brigade was supposed to arrive with 90 BTR and 380 trucks and other equipment. The 250 flights transported a further 52 sets of equipment. Among these must have been the13 units of special equipment from the International Mine Action Center of the Russian Ministry of Defense.
    Also there was An-124 involved in the transportation of 8 helicopters to Yerevan. These also need maintenance vehicles etc. They are not a part of the 15 Motorized Rifle Brigade.
    But with 250 flights during 11 days the Russians managed to transport a Motorized Rifle Brigade (without any artillery or tanks) to Armenia. Tanks and artillery (MRLS) came from the 102.Military Base already in Armenia.
    The Russians flew between 22 and 25 flights per day. This without in any sort of way maxing out the VTA. Good to remember.

  2. Glorified hostages. Saps effectively a brigade of actual deployable combat power out of the Russian military for basically nothing. With no real SHORAD deployed with this force they would be as easily overwhelmed by drone strikes as the Armenians were….

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