Daily Archives: December 10, 2009

Kamenka Officers Go Down for Hazing Incident

The 138th Motorized Rifle Brigade (MRB) at Kamenka (V/Ch 02511) in the LenVO has always had a pretty bad rep for hazing cases.  A Defense Ministry source told Fontanka.ru that 8 Kamenka officers have been removed from duty over the latest incident.  They include platoon, company, battalion, and brigade commanders, the battalion and brigade chiefs of staff, and deputy brigade commanders for armaments and socialization work.  They have reportedly been dismissed from the service as well, although the Defense Ministry has not confirmed this.  In early October, a conscript and contract serviceman were beaten by three drunken sergeants in the unit.  They turned to the Soldiers’ Mothers of Petersburg for assistance.  Initial press reports said 16 soldiers in all were beaten by the sergeants.  See Forum.msk for more.  This was probably just the last straw after a long line of incidents in this troubled brigade.

Bulava SLBM Test Failure

The failed Bulava test launch yesterday is today’s big story.  See Myasnikov in Nezavisimaya gazeta or D. Litovkin in Izvestiya for coverage. 

Myasnikov recounts delays this fall in conducting the missile’s 12th test firing.  He recalls the story of how the project was given to MIT under the apparently ill-conceived thought of unifying naval and land-based strategic missiles.  Meanwhile, the SS-N-20  follow-on missile Bark, and the TYPHOON SSBNs to carry it, basically went away.  The Defense Ministry refuses to return to stand tests for Bulava.  Myasnikov says test missiles alone may have already run $3 billion.  The rest of the Navy is starved for resources, but Bulava has a strong lobby to keep it going.

D. Litovkin wonders whether it is Bulava’s control systems or poor manufacturing.  He wants to believe the system will work, but notes that time is running out for the current DELTA IV SSBN force, even with overhaul and modernization.

ITAR-TASS says the Defense Ministry blames a defect in the third-stage engine.