Training Session for High-Level Commanders

The Defense Ministry’s Press Service and Information Directorate reports that leadership personnel from the MDs, fleets, and combined formations [armies] of the armed services have assembled at the General Staff Academy for days of ‘practical study’ of new forms and capabilities for employing the armed forces in today’s conditions in the framework of operational-strategic commands (OSK).

In the course of the exercises, these high-ranking officers will “work out issues touching on the most acute aspects of the army and navy’s life and activities–from organizing combat training and troop service in formations [divisions and brigades] and military units [regiment and lower] within the new organizational structure of the armed forces to their effective employment in possible military conflicts and operations.”

Their study and exercises will include lectures, seminars, ’round tables,’ group operational meetings, etc.  They will be tested and quizzed on the results.  The assemblies will end with demonstration exercises in mobilization preparation which will occur in SibVO military units.  The training session ends on 5 February.

Wonder if they’ll talk about the new service regulations and combat documents that were in the works last year?

The press service renderings of this Defense Ministry announcement didn’t really do it justice, so perhaps this provides a closer reading on what’s going on.

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