Daily Archives: July 9, 2010

Naginskiy ‘Freed’ From Housing Duties

Grigoriy Naginskiy

This morning’s press reported (with varying degrees of accuracy) that the Chief of Housing and Construction, Deputy Defense Minister Grigoriy Naginskiy has been ‘freed’ from his principal duties, but remains a Deputy Defense Minister.  See Kremlin.ru for the text of President Medvedev’s decree.

The midst of a year of trying to deliver on huge permanent military housing promises seems an odd time to make yet another change of housing chief.

The decree also moved a two-star named Sergey Zhirov from his post as Chief of Staff, First Deputy Chief of Rear Services to a position called “Director of the Department of Planning and Coordination of Rear Support of the Defense Ministry.”

These could be the opening moves in Defense Minister Serdyukov’s reported effort to establish a unified material support establishment responsible for arms, equipment, and all logistics.