New, Younger Face of the RVSN

The RVSN’s spokesman told ITAR-TASS today that his branch is entering 2011 with a completely new high command, and he gave some figures on a general youth movement in the RVSN:

“In 2010, the RVSN commander, all his deputies, missile army and division commanders were replaced.”

“The tendency toward rejuvenating command cadres was appropriate for the RVSN.  In the last three years, the average age of division commanders fell from 46 to 44 years, and regiment commanders from 40 to 38.  Over this period, 92 percent of regiment commanders were newly appointed.  Promising officers, who’ve gone through essential training and have the corresponding education, knowledge, and experience in leading military collectives, were appointed to leadership posts.”

“Officers of 61 nationalities serve in regiments and divisions, 98 percent of them have higher education and are professionals in their business.  The average age of officer personnel is less than 33, and 45 percent of officers are less than 30.”

This report basically sums the result of several years of winnowing the officer corps under Defense Minister Anatoliy Serdyukov.  Recall that he directed the officer corps to be transformed from a top-heavy, “bloated egg” into a pyramid with many fewer generals, colonels, lieutenant colonels, and majors.  Essentially all officers, including those in the RVSN, had to undergo a re-qualification [аттестация] process in which their service records were reviewed to see if they were fit to continue serving.  Serdyukov has also shown a tendency to send more officers into retirement immediately upon reaching the stipulated legal age limit.

Yes, we are in the throes of Russia’s holiday season and news is hard to come by.

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