More Appointments, Etc.

Medvedev’s 29 March decree.


  • Rear-Admiral Vasiliy Fedorovich Lyashok, Chief, Development Planning Directorate, Deputy Chief, Main Staff, Navy, relieved as Chief, Organizational-Planning Directorate, Deputy Chief, Main Staff, Navy.
  • Colonel of Medical Service Aleksey Eduardovich Nikitin, Chief, 2nd Directorate, Deputy Chief, Main Military-Medical Directorate, Defense Ministry.
  • General-Lieutenant Igor Nikolayevich Turchenyuk, Deputy Commander, Southern MD, relieved as Commander, 35th Army.
  • General-Major Sergey Vitalyevich Solomatin, Commander, 35th Army, relieved as Chief of Staff, First Deputy Commander, 36th Army.
  • General-Major Valeriy Yevgenyevich Sharagov, Chief of Staff, First Deputy Commander, 36th Army, relieved as Deputy Commander, 2nd Army.


  • Rear-Admiral Viktor Nikolayevich Afanasyev, Chief of Armaments and Arms Servicing, Deputy Commander for Armaments and Arms Servicing, Black Sea Fleet.
  • General-Major Vladimir Grigoryevich Belyayev, Commander, 6991st Aviation Base (1st Rank).
  • Rear-Admiral Anatoliy Nikolayevich Minakov, Deputy Commander, Indoctrination Work, Northern Fleet.
  • Rear-Admiral Yuriy Stanislavovich Rebenok, Chief, Higher Special Officers’ Classes, Navy.

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