Still More Appointments, Dismissals

More backlog . . . this is President Medvedev’s decree from 14 February.


  • General-Lieutenant Sergey Aleksandrovich Lobov, Deputy Commander, Space Troops, relieved of duty as Chief, 820th Main Missile Attack Warning Center.
  • General-Major Igor Ivanovich Protopopov, Chief, 820th Main Missile Attack Warning Center.
  • Colonel Aleksey Mikhaylovich Tsygankov, Chief, Morale-Psychological Support and Military Discipline Directorate, Deputy Chief, Main Directorate for Personnel Work, RF Armed Forces, relieved of duty as Chief, Socialization Work and Morale-Psychological Support Directorate, Deputy Chief, Main Directorate of Socialization Work, RF Armed Forces.
  • Captain First Rank Andrey Nikolayevich Shishkin, Deputy Commander of the Black Sea Fleet for Material-Technical Support, relieved of duty as Chief of Rear Services, Deputy Commander of the Black Sea Fleet for Rear Services.
  • General-Major Andrey Vyacheslavovich Yudin, Deputy Commander, 3rd Air Forces and Air Defense Command, relieved of duty as Chief, Combat Training Directorate, Air Forces.

Relieve from duty:

  • General-Major Anatoliy Ivanovich Varakuta, Chief, Automotive Service, Siberian MD.
  • General-Major Nikolay Mikhaylovich Parshin, Chief of Armaments, Deputy Commander of the Volga-Ural MD for Armaments.
  • Colonel Pavel Petrovich Prepelitsa, Deputy Commander of the Leningrad MD for Socialization Work.
  • Rear-Admiral Aleksandr Gennadyevich Pushkarev, Deputy Commander of the Black Sea Fleet for Socialization Work.
  • General-Major Aleksandr Alekseyevich Filipenko, Chief, Missile-Artillery Armament Service, Siberian MD.

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