Cadre Changes

In decrees published today, President Medvedev accepted the retirement of EW Directorate Chief, General-Major Oleg Ivanov.  Part of the “troyka” of retiring generals, he reportedly requested retirement for health reasons.  No official documents yet on the other two (Andrey Tretyak and Sergey Skokov). 

The press covered the news on General-Major Ivanov, but didn’t note the promotion of General-Major Bondarev to be Chief of the Main Staff, First Deputy CINC of the VVS.  

Bondarev was the Main Staff’s investigating officer in the case of Senior Lieutenant Sulim and the Lipetsk premium pay kickbacks.  The VVS and Defense Ministry must not be unhappy with his work, which consisted mainly of berating and pressuring the officers forced to pay tribute to their superiors.

In any event, the decrees . . .


  • General-Major Vladimir Aleksandrovich Filatov, Deputy Commander, 2nd Army.
  • General-Major Sergey Vasilyevich Chvarkov, Chief, Main Directorate for Personnel Work, RF Armed Forces, relieved as Deputy Chief, Military Art Department, Military Academy of the General Staff, RF Armed Forces.

Relieve and dismiss from service:

  • General-Major Oleg Anatolyevich Ivanov, Chief, Radioelectronic Warfare Troops, RF Armed Forces.
  • General-Major Aleksey Ivanovich Nesterov, Chief, 3rd Directorate, Main Organization-Mobilization Directorate, General Staff, RF Armed Forces.
  • General-Major Anatoliy Grigoryevich Predius, Chief of Military-Space Academy named for A. F. Mozhayskiy Branch (Cherepovets, Vologda Oblast).

Dismiss from service:

  • General-Major Yuriy Yuryevich Perminov.

* * *


  • General-Major Viktor Nikolayevich Bondarev, Chief of Main Staff, First Deputy CINC, Air Forces, relieved as Deputy CINC, Air Forces.
  • Colonel Vladislav Yevgenyevich Kharchenko, Chief, Radioelectronic Warfare Service, Eastern MD.

Dismiss from service:

  • General-Major of Justice Sergey Vladimirovich Devyatov
  • General-Major Vladimir Slavich Kostyuchenko.

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