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Valeriy Ivanov on VKO, S-500, S-400

General-Lieutenant Valeriy Ivanov

The Space Troops have seemed pretty confident about getting control of VKO up to this point, but now a senior Air Forces officer has taken his turn to suggest the VVS may have a leg up.

On Friday, Commander of the Operational-Strategic Command of Aerospace Defense (OSK VKO), General-Lieutenant Valeriy Ivanov described for journalists how his command provides air defense for 140 key facilities in Russia’s capital and central industrial regions. 

At a conference in Mozhaysk to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the defeat of the first Nazi air attack on Moscow, Ivanov said 800 OSK VKO personnel secure Moscow’s airspace on a daily basis, and he claimed his command covers two-thirds of Russian Federation territory, according to RIA Novosti

The OSK VKO Commander also said he expects to receive the S-500, new radars, and fighter aircraft by 2015.  Several news outlets repeated an early 2011 Interfaks report saying that ten S-500 battalions will be acquired under GPV-2020. 

Regarding President Medvedev’s late 2010 order to set up a unified VKO command by December 1, 2011, Ivanov told ITAR-TASS that VKO has already been established and is being improved:

“The VKO system is now being integrated, developed, and modernized.  We are now taking, uniting Space Troops and our OSK VKO.” 

But, according to ITAR-TASS, Ivanov had to admit there’s no clarity yet on the new form of VKO, and “our state’s political leadership will make the final decision on this.”

Krasnaya zvezda also provided a somewhat less categorical-sounding Ivanov quote:

“The Aerospace Defense system which we’re creating is now being integrated and developed.  Currently, the process of amalgamating Space Troops and the Operational-Strategic Command is going on.”

Komsomolskaya pravda relayed this Interfaks quote about the fate of aviation:

“Aviation carrying out air defense missions will be immediately subordinated to the VKO commander.  The one who directs the battle will also command [aviation].”

RIA Novosti also reported General-Lieutenant Ivanov saying the second S-400 regiment (at Dmitrov) will be on duty by July 31.  He said a third regiment will appear at Zvenigorod by the end of this year.

More Cadre Changes

This is the last of the backlogged Armed Forces personnel decrees.  It’s from March 2.  All presidential decrees on cadre changes are now reflected on these pages.  This one made General-Lieutenant Yevnevich an assistant to Defense Minister Serdyukov, and dismissed one General-Lieutenant Chaynikov, deputy chief of the 12th GUMO.


  • Colonel Dmitriy Valeryevich Kasperovich, Commander, 28th Independent Motorized Rifle Brigade.
  • Colonel Valeriy Anatolyevich Korobkov, Chief, Signal Troops, Deputy Chief of the Main Staff of the Air Forces for Communications.
  • Colonel Aleksandr Valeryevich Linkov, Chief, Organization-Mobilization Directorate, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Central MD for Organization-Mobilization Work, relieved as Chief, Organization-Mobilization Directorate, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Far East MD for Organization-Mobilization Work.
  • Colonel Vladimir Aleksandrovich Makeyev, Chief, Radioelectronic Warfare Service, Central MD.
  • General-Lieutenant Oleg Vladimirovich Milenin, Deputy Commander, Eastern MD, relieved as Deputy Commander, 2nd Air Forces and Air Defense Command.
  • General-Major Yuriy Petrovich Petrov, Deputy Chief, Main Combat Training Directorate, Ground Troops, relieved as Chief, Combat Training Directorate, Siberian MD.
  • General-Lieutenant Valeriy Gennadyevich Yevnevich, Assistant to the RF Defense Minister, relieved as Chief, Main Combat Training and Troop Service Directorate, RF Armed Forces.
  • Colonel Vladimir Levontyevich Zharov, Deputy Commander of the Southern MD for Personnel Work, Chief, Personnel Work Directorate.
  • Rear-Admiral Aleksandr Andreyevich Zhuchkov, Chief, Naval Operational Art Department, “Naval Academy” Navy Training-Scientific Center, relieved as Chief of Staff, First Deputy Commander, Primorskiy Mixed Forces Flotilla, Pacific Fleet.
  • Colonel Yuriy Yuryevich Kremlev, Chief of Communications, Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications, Southern MD.
  • General-Major Vladimir Viktorovich Maystrenko, Chief of Staff, First Deputy Commander, 5th Army, relieved as Deputy Chief of Staff, North Caucasus MD.
  • Captain First Rank Sergey Nikolayevich Myasoyedov, Chief of Staff, First Deputy Commander, Primorskiy Mixed Forces Flotilla, Pacific Fleet, relieved as Chief, Operations Directorate, Deputy Chief of Staff, Pacific Fleet.
  • Captain First Rank Yuriy Ivanovich Orekhovskiy, Deputy Commander of the Black Sea Fleet for Personnel Work.
  • General-Major Igor Anatolyevich Seritskiy, Chief of Staff, First Deputy Commander, 41st Army, relieved as Deputy Commander, 36th Army.
  • Colonel Viktor Georgiyevich Fedorenko, Chief, Radioelectronic Warfare Service, Southern MD.

* * *


  • Colonel Vadim Mikhaylovich Yezhov, Chief, Missile-Artillery Armaments Service, Volga-Ural MD.
  • Rear-Admiral Vladimir Mikhaylovich Reshetkin, Chief, Ship Maintenance and Repair Directorate, Deputy Chief, Technical Directorate, Navy.
  • Rear-Admiral Sergey Nikolayevich Streltsov, Chief of Staff for Armaments, First Deputy Chief of Shipbuilding, Armaments, and Arms Maintenance, Navy.
  • Rear-Admiral Igor Vladimirovich Vasilyev, Commander, Zaozersk [Zapadnaya Litsa] Submarine Base.
  • Colonel Yuriy Olegovich Shalimov, Commander, 35th Independent Motorized Rifle Brigade.
  • General-Major Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Shamiyev, Chief of Communications, Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications, Far East MD.
  • Colonel Igor Viktorovich Shcherbakov, Chief of Armaments, Deputy Commander for Armaments, Operational-Strategic Command of Aerospace Defense.

* * *

Relieve and dismiss from service:

  • General-Lieutenant Vladimir Vasilyevich Chaynikov, Deputy Chief, 12th Main Directorate, RF Defense Ministry.

* * *

Dismiss from service:

  • General-Major Mikhail Dmitriyevich Galtsov.
  • General-Major of Medical Service Vladimir Anatolyevich Reshetnikov.