Extra Kant Security Sent Home

Russian press services announced this morning that extra VDV troops sent to Kyrgyzstan last month as security reinforcements returned home yesterday.

The VDV’s spokesman said:

“. . . in connection with the reduced tension in Kyrgyzia [sic] reinforced security sub-units at Kant air base from the 31st Independent Guards Airborne-Assault Brigade returned to their place of permanent deployment [Ulyanovsk] on Wednesday.”

“Three Military-Transport Aviation Il-76 aircraft transported 270 servicemen of the brigade commanded by Dmitriy Glushchenkov.”

This reduced strength battalion deployed to Kyrgyzstan on 13 June after increased fighting between Kyrgyz and ethnic Uzbeks in the country.

According to Newsru.com, the spokesman said two VDV companies deployed earlier will remain to secure Russian facilities and nationals in Kyrgyzstan:

“At present two companies of airborne troops sent to Kyrgyzia according to the decision of the General Staff Chief in April continue to provide security to the military facilities of Kant air base.”

Those companies comprise about 160 men according to reports at the time.

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