It’s Not Corruption

In a very unusual step yesterday, published an explicit denial that recent cadre changes have any connection to corruption.  The possibility of a link between high-ranking personnel dismissals and corruption cases has been the subject of some speculation.

The press release says the Defense Ministry is devoting great attention to anticorruption efforts, and talking openly about cases like Gaydukov’s.  But it denies that any other [read Verkhovtsev’s] recent dismissal is connected to this.

It maintains high-ranking officers are being dismissed for the usual reasons — age, health, and their own request.  It adds that they have many years of worthy service behind them.

As far as other moves go, it says “organizational-personnel measures” [i.e. orgshtat or TO&E changes] have caused some officers to be relieved of their duties or be assigned to new ones.

The Defense Ministry “doth protest too much” perhaps.  It might not want Congress asking questions about where U.S. Cooperative Threat Reduction money has gone.  At any rate, it’s uncommon for the Defense Ministry to take offense, and react so immediately to media speculation.

2 responses to “It’s Not Corruption

  1. Excellent! You are right to flag this up. It is a defense ministry in near chaos. Why would an anti-corruption campaign in the defense ministry work when it clearly does not work in the rest of society? And, is Serdyukov really serious about getting it under control? If he cannot do so, with his background in tax/finance, then who can? A job for super-Putin?

  2. I agree. Certain steps were taken to remove the military officers who were most corrupt (at factories, on purchasing team), but Roger is right. The Ministry might better be named the Ministry of Chaos where the unlearned (i.e. Serdyukov) are teaching others about a topic Serdyokov knows nothing about.
    Corruption Hell, Serdyukov better get his act together quick or he is going to be history. He clearly appears to have lost control of matters and is presiding over an organization that is falling apart.

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