Quoting Tolya

Tolya’s remarks to the press today made quite a few headlines, and left a few useful benchmarks for the future.  Defense Minister Serdyukov addressed procurement and manpower issues.  Here are his quotes from RIA Novosti and ITAR-TASS.

Tanks for Nothin’

“We met the designers who proposed their preliminary work to us.  60 percent of what was proposed is old work.  Therefore, we still declined these proposals.”

“Now it’s more expedient to modernize our country’s tank inventory than to buy new ones, for example the T-90.”

Cold Water on Carriers

“We have no plans to build aircraft carriers.”

“Only after this [a preliminary design of what this ship might look like], the Genshtab together with the Navy will make a decision on the need for such a ship.”

SSBNs Aren’t Automobiles

“‘Bulava’ flew, this is good news.  We understand precisely that it’s possible to launch serial production of the missile on this variant.”

“We got the result, now it’s possible to load SSBN ‘Yuriy Dolgorukiy’ with ‘Bulava.'”

“We’d like to do this [test Bulava from Aleksandr Nevskiy], but we understand that to plan this precisely is impossible.  A nuclear submarine isn’t an automobile.”

Bullish on Arms Deliveries

“Deliveries of strategic missiles ‘Topol-M,’ ‘Yars,’ ‘Avangard’ will increase three times, ‘Bulava’ and ‘Sineva’ missiles for strategic submarines one and a half times, aircraft four times, helicopters almost five times, air defense systems almost two and a half times [in 2011-2015 compared with 2006-2010].”

Not Going Below a Million Men

“There are no such plans, there are no questions of cutting manpower.  We’re striving for the entire army under the million number, and it isn’t planned to cut this figure.”

“On account of this [increasing contractees from 2014], we’ll manage without fail to get through the demographic hole which is anticipated in 2014.”

Two Arctic Brigades

“The Genshtab is now developing plans to establish two of these formations.  In the plans, deployment places, armaments, manning, and the infrastructure of these brigades need to be specified.”

“It’s possible this will be Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, or another place.”

One response to “Quoting Tolya

  1. Regarding Carriers the simple fact is that if they want a blue water navy they will need carriers.
    Those who say carriers are too expensive should also be saying the Russian Air force is too expensive and SAMs and ground based defences should be enough.

    They are not.

    The air and ground forces compliment each other and are far more powerful together than either can be on their own.

    The west ironically seems to be of the opposite view that Air Power can replace land based forces and they are wrong too.

    Regarding the comment about tanks does this mean no new T-90AM, just upgraded existing models?
    That might suit the military but if UVZ collapses because it has no production capacity because it withered away through lack of orders who will get the blame?

    The fact that the T-95 was cancelled and that the T-90AM is now being rejected as a new build I rather suspect the person making the decisions is a freakin idiot.

    Or is UVZ inept?

    There is clearly little communication between the two… it seems to me that the Russian military said to UVZ to modify the T-90A design as much as possible without making a new tank to solve as many design problems as possible till the new Armata was ready, which wont have any of the same problems… no doubt it will have all new problems.

    Now they are saying it is not “new” enough to warrant putting it into production.

    If it corrects the most lethal issues and protects the crew better than previous upgrades then surely they are honour bound to protect their crews and introduce it, whether that be as an upgrade or a new tank.

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