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More Appointments, Dismissals

President Medvedev’s 3 March decree on Defense Ministry personnel.


  • Colonel Sergey Faatovich Akhmetshin, Deputy Chief, Main Staff, Air Forces, relieved as Chief, Central Command Post of the Deputy Chief for Combat Command and Control, Main Staff, Air Forces.
  • Rear-Admiral Aleksey Yevgenyevich Belkin, Deputy Commander of the Northern Fleet for Material-Technical Support, relieved as Chief, Rear Services, Deputy Commander of the Northern Fleet for Rear Services.
  • Colonel Andrey Nikolayevich Yeliseyev, Chief, Rear Support Directorate, Southern MD.
  • Colonel Igor Anatolyevich Kolesnikov, Chief, 644th Facility “S,” Regional Nuclear Support Center.
  • Colonel Aleksandr Nikolayevich Lyapkin, Chief, Development Planning Directorate, Air Forces, Deputy Chief of the Main Staff, Air Forces, relieved as Chief, Organizational-Planning Directorate, Deputy Chief of the Main Staff, Air Forces.
  • Captain First Rank Oleg Mikhaylovich Molchanov, Deputy Commander of Baltic Fleet for Personnel Work, relieved as Deputy Commander of Baltic Fleet for Socialization Work.
  • General-Major Petr Valentinovich Panteleyev, Chief, Faculty of National Security and State Defense, Military Academy of the General Staff, RF Armed Forces.
  • Colonel Nikolay Sergeyevich Sheludyakov, Chief 957th Facility “S,” Regional Nuclear Support Center.
  • General-Major Aleksey Dmitriyevich Konnov, Chief, Branch, Military Academy of the RVSN (Serpukhov, Moscow Oblast), relieved as Deputy Chief, Petr Velikiy Military Academy of the RVSN.
  • Colonel Anatoliy Vladimirovich Lbov, Deputy Commander of Baltic Fleet for Material-Technical Support, relieved as Chief of Rear Services, Deputy Commander of Baltic Fleet for Rear Services.
  • Captain First Rank Yuriy Vladimirovich Tripolskiy, Chief, Directorate of Material-Technical Support Planning and Coordination, Northern Fleet.
  • Colonel Andrey Sergeyevich Trifonov, Commander, 27th Independent Motorized Rifle Brigade.


  • Colonel Aleksandr Lvovich Golubev, Chief, Operational Directorate, Deputy Chief of Staff, Leningrad MD.
  • Colonel Viktor Petrovich Kosyanov, Chief, Rear Services, Deputy Commander of the 36th Army for Rear Services.
  • General-Major Sergey Ivanovich Levin, Chief of Staff of Rear Services, First Deputy Chief of Staff of Rear Services, Siberian MD.
  • General-Major Igor Vadimovich Sulim, Chief, Frontal and Army Aviation Directorate.
  • Colonel Sergey Viktorovich Zherikhov, Chief of Rear Services, Deputy Commander of 5th Army for Rear Services.
  • Rear-Admiral Farit Khaziyevich Zinnatullin, Chief of Armaments and Arms Servicing, Deputy Commander of Pacific Fleet for Armaments and Arms Servicing.
  • Colonel Oleg Anatolyevich Lakshin, Chief of Rear Services, Deputy Commander of 35th Army for Rear Services.

Relieve and dismiss from military service:

  • General-Major Mikhail Mikhaylovich Levshunov, Chief of Armaments, Deputy Commander of VDV for Armaments.
  • General-Major Pavel Georgiyevich Smelov, Chief, Missile Troops and Artillery, Siberian MD.

Dismiss from military service:

  • General-Major Ivan Vitalyevich Borodinchik.
  • General-Major Boris Georgiyevich Zaytsev.

New, Younger Face of the RVSN

The RVSN’s spokesman told ITAR-TASS today that his branch is entering 2011 with a completely new high command, and he gave some figures on a general youth movement in the RVSN:

“In 2010, the RVSN commander, all his deputies, missile army and division commanders were replaced.”

“The tendency toward rejuvenating command cadres was appropriate for the RVSN.  In the last three years, the average age of division commanders fell from 46 to 44 years, and regiment commanders from 40 to 38.  Over this period, 92 percent of regiment commanders were newly appointed.  Promising officers, who’ve gone through essential training and have the corresponding education, knowledge, and experience in leading military collectives, were appointed to leadership posts.”

“Officers of 61 nationalities serve in regiments and divisions, 98 percent of them have higher education and are professionals in their business.  The average age of officer personnel is less than 33, and 45 percent of officers are less than 30.”

This report basically sums the result of several years of winnowing the officer corps under Defense Minister Anatoliy Serdyukov.  Recall that he directed the officer corps to be transformed from a top-heavy, “bloated egg” into a pyramid with many fewer generals, colonels, lieutenant colonels, and majors.  Essentially all officers, including those in the RVSN, had to undergo a re-qualification [аттестация] process in which their service records were reviewed to see if they were fit to continue serving.  Serdyukov has also shown a tendency to send more officers into retirement immediately upon reaching the stipulated legal age limit.

Yes, we are in the throes of Russia’s holiday season and news is hard to come by.

It’s Not Corruption

In a very unusual step yesterday, Mil.ru published an explicit denial that recent cadre changes have any connection to corruption.  The possibility of a link between high-ranking personnel dismissals and corruption cases has been the subject of some speculation.

The press release says the Defense Ministry is devoting great attention to anticorruption efforts, and talking openly about cases like Gaydukov’s.  But it denies that any other [read Verkhovtsev’s] recent dismissal is connected to this.

It maintains high-ranking officers are being dismissed for the usual reasons — age, health, and their own request.  It adds that they have many years of worthy service behind them.

As far as other moves go, it says “organizational-personnel measures” [i.e. orgshtat or TO&E changes] have caused some officers to be relieved of their duties or be assigned to new ones.

The Defense Ministry “doth protest too much” perhaps.  It might not want Congress asking questions about where U.S. Cooperative Threat Reduction money has gone.  At any rate, it’s uncommon for the Defense Ministry to take offense, and react so immediately to media speculation.

More Cadre Changes

As part of fairly wholesale turnover in command personnel, on 24 December, Kremlin.ru published two more presidential decrees with changes in a series of military posts. 

Commanders at four first-rank air bases (Budennovsk, Orenburg,  Shaykovka, and Belaya) are relieved of duty.  12th GUMO three-star Verkhovstev is replaced by a colonel who commanded a missile regiment just five years ago.  And there’s what sounds like a change at a national nuclear weapons storage site.  General-Colonel Gerasimov officially becomes a Deputy Chief of the General Staff.  And there’s more unwinding of personnel from former MDs.

Relieve of current duties:

  • Colonel Dmitriy Anatolyevich Voloshin, Commander, 6956th Air Base (1st rank).
  • Colonel Oleg Vladimirovich Makovetskiy, Commander, 6971st Air Base (1st rank).
  • Colonel Andrey Nikolayevich Medvedkov, Deputy Chief of Armaments, Air Forces.
  • Colonel Aleksandr Viktorovich Tsylev, Commander, 6951st Guards Aviation Base (1st rank).
  • Colonel Villington Vladimirovich Tsyrengarmayev, Commander, 6953rd Guards Aviation Base (1st rank).

Relieve of current duties and dismiss:

  • General-Colonel Vladimir Nikolayevich Verkhovtsev, Chief, 12th Main Directorate, Defense Ministry.
  • General-Major Andrey Yuryevich Glinskiy, Chief, Missile Troops and Artillery, Far East MD.
  • General-Major Anatoliy Yuryevich Razmakhnin, Chief, Personnel Directorate, Far East MD.


  • General-Colonel Valeriy Vasilyevich Gerasimov, Deputy Chief, General Staff, relieved of duty as Commander, Moscow MD.
  • Colonel Yuriy Grigoryevich Sych, Chief, 12th Main Directorate, Defense Ministry.

Dismiss from military service:

  • General-Major Aleksandr Anatolyevich Kukushkin.
  • General-Major of Justice Vladimir Polikarpovich Sviderskiy.

* * *


  • General-Major Sergey Valeryevich Kostarev, Chief, Military Communications Academy, relieve of duty as Chief of Communications, Deputy Chief of Staff, Siberian MD.
  • General-Major Vladimir Anatolyevich Fedorov, Chief, 1201st Facility “S” – Regional Nuclear Security Center, relieve of duty as Chief, 957th Facility “S” – Regional Nuclear Security Center.

Relieve of current duties:

  • Colonel Aleksey Alekseyevich Ivannikov, Chief, Armor Service, Siberian MD.
  • Colonel Vladimir Vladimirovich Morev, Chief of Inspections, Personnel Inspectorate, Defense Ministry.
  • Captain First Rank Aleksandr Veniaminovich Pepin, Chief of Inspections, Personnel Inspectorate, Defense Ministry.

Dismiss from military service:

  • General-Major Nikolay Vladimirovich Gorchakov.
  • General-Major Leonid Eduardovich Tishkevich.